WELCOME ! State to State Interior Painting, most Central & Southern States. Steve Nissley of Tyler TX area is a dependable high expertise skilled professional painter born with natural talent. Practicing since childhood at age 4, a room painting project is as easy as anything for Steve to accomplish in a quick and efficient manner to your satisfaction!

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I paint walls, most any wall. drywall, wallboard gysum board, sheetrock, rock walls, paneling, block, brick, siding etc

Painting bathrooms, are you tired of seeing those icky walls? I will paint those walls beautifilly

I stain or paint porches, steps, garage floors , wood floors


Living room painting

I paint doors; front door, side door, interior doors, garage doors, shed doors barn doors, shop door, utility door etc

My Kitchen painting pleases some people so well it makes them dance with joy!

I'm handy with Painting, born with the art , I am the best I was told

Painting window trim window sashes, window sills, window casings.

Steve Nissley of east Texas in the Tyler area. Call TX 469-597-4585 or NC 984-484-0598  


Interior State to State Painting serving most central and southern states. 

Being a dependable interior painter I have been professionally painting residential & commercial projects serving happy customers over 30 years since 1987.


Currently I am committed to painting a particular line of new stores in numerous states, running quite busy at times, so it is better to make your requests ahead of time when possible.


Residential > Offices> Commercial > Storage Barns>Fences


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